Ruby’s Riton Binoculars

The 2018 Pennsylvania Archery season is on and I’ve been hunting every chance I get. This year I’ve been using my Riton 10×40 Binoculars to spot those deer long before they get to my stand.

My ridge-top stand is about 200 yards from the lower field and these 10×40’s let me see what’s going across the area in crisp detail. With your naked eye, it’s hard to see that far through the woods. There are just too many trees, limbs, and leaves in your way.

I’ve seen some really pretty sunrise mornings, with fog rolling in and the leaves starting to change colors. I like looking through these binocs because they make far off objects seem like they’re only a few feet away. I never realized how much you miss seeing, without the aid of 10 Power vision. Plus, they are light weight and compact.

Please check out my Riton Optics 10×40 Binocular video below:

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