Ruby and Riton on the Range

I really like my Riton 3×12 Power scope. Finally, I went to the range to shoot the old TC Fire Hawk with the Riton scope. This combination worked just great. The scope is clear and sharp at every power setting , from 3 to 12. I especially like the long eye relief. I’ll be using this rifle to hunt in the early PA doe season from my tree stands. I’m anxious for that Muzzle-loader Deer season to start. To see my Riton scope in action, click on the link below.

Hot Shot Ruby

The Tribune Democrat Newspaper called me for an interview about my Pro Staff position for Riton Optics. I was surprised they used my photo so big. I liked the small photo with my Riton cap better. The y used that photo in a small size on the Front Page. The story and the large photo ran on the back page for the “Spotlight” feature.

My Riton Scope is On Right

I’ve mounted my 3×12 Riton Scope on my old Fire Hawk muzzle loader and this video will show you how I did it. Our reloading bench is the scene for this video. We use this shop area for working on all our other firearms. Plus, we load ammo for my 243, 7mm08, 7mm Rem Mag and my new 44 Magnum Ruger Rifle.

I’m holding the 54 caliber T.C. Fire Hawk and now it’s ready for the shooting range. That will be my next on-location segment. Click on the video below to see my “Official Riton Video”, with my New Riton Background, My Riton T-shirt and Ball Cap. I’ve also picked a new theme music just for my Riton Reviews.

Daily American Newspaper Story

The Somerset Daily American Newspaper called me while I was on my Family Vacation last week on Brigantine Island, N.J. The reporter, Dylan Johnson, interviewed me while I was sitting in our van out on the driveway. We had to go there because my little sister, Vayda and cousins, Edye and Joey were running around the condo yelling and laughing. They don’t know (or care) that I’m on a working vacation.

I was really happy the newspaper used my color photo and added some nice comments to the story from Jerry (Ace) Luciano the Riton P.R. Agent. Our condo was really noisy, especially when the fire alarms were going off and the Police and the Firemen came. But, that’s another story to be posted later. Watch for it!

Joey, Edye, Vayda, Me and my Uncle Mike at our Vacation Condo on Brigantine Island, New Jersey. Fun in the sun & Fishing, too! Joey liked the ocean but runs from the camera.