Sarah’s Big Catfish


After Noah and I were done shooting the 22 rifle, we went fishing with Connie (Paul’s wife) and Sarah (their daughter). They travel to the ponds on their quad, so they can carry lots of gear easily.DSC_0527

On this trip we used our fly rods and spinning rods and I caught a couple bluegills, a large mouth bass and a big catfish!DSC_0561


When Sarah and I were on the dock…I set my new yellow Spinning rod down  on the dock to get a drink.

Just then a catfish pulled it off the dock and into the water.

DSC_0579We tried to find it, but the rod and reel and the fish were gone.


Connie kids, Travis, Emily, and Sarah enjoy hunting, fishing, riding dirt bikes and four wheelers and playing with their cats and dogs.

They have chickens, too!DSC_0491

(see my video clip, “Shooting the 22 Cal.” for more chicken info.)Pigroast hayride.bmp


I love going to their farm, a few years ago they gave all us kids Hay Rides on a big wagon pulled by a big tractor. That was a great Labor Day Party.


My cousin Noah caught all the same kinds of fish that I did!DSC_0595

We were using special catfish bait that looks like little hot dogs. Sarah uses chunks of real hot dogs or even a slice of bologna lunch meat for bait.

Sarah is a really good angler. She caught two big catfish on her bologna bait. They were hard to reel in and the ones that she caught were the biggest of the day!DSC_0609

The catfish are really hard to hold for a picture,

This fish bit my thumb.

DSC_0590Even Noah had a tough time trying to hold the catfish up for a picture.


We had a great day fishing at the Farm, and as always at Ruby’s Outdoor Rendezvous, We’re on Target for all Seasons!

Fish and Shoot with Noah

DSC_0485 DSC_0518Last week I went to my cousin Paul’s farm to shoot target practice and go fishing with my Grandpa and my cousin Noah. Paul has two nice size ponds stocked with big catfish, bass, and schools of bluegills!

Paul also has a mini shooting range where we often shoot our 22. Caliber rifles. They shoot at clay birds with shotguns too!

First, Noah and I wanted to shoot my Dad’s 22 Marlin rifle. It’s very accurate and we shot balloons and targets at 50 yards and way out to 100 yards away. We use this adjustable tripod to shoot from. I use this rest when I’m deer hunting and spring turkey hunting.

My Grandpa brought along my Mom’s 20 gauge Browning shotgun. He bought this auto-loader for my Mom when she was 13 years old.

It is a youth model and my Mom hunted with this gun all through High School and even College. She was on a couple magazine covers with this gun and the pheasants she shot. It is still a bit too heavy for me to carry and shoot at moving targets. The 20 gauge fit Noah just right and he hit the first claybird he ever shot at. It was a fun day!

Julie Phes cover.bmpDSC_0489JulieSpirit cover.bmp