Ruby’s First Buck

Ruby's X-Bow Buck

I’ve been deer hunting with my Grand Father for the past 3 years. We set up two tree stands and we also use a ground blind when we hunt on our property around my house in Somerset County. I also hunt at my cousin’s property about 15 miles away in Cambria County. I like to go there  just for a change of scenery and because my cousin, Danny, has shot 5 deer there and he’s only 9 years old. So, for 3 Deer Seasons we have scouted, used our trail cameras, watched for buck rubs and buck scrapes. During that time my Grand Father and I have spent many, many hours in the tree stands and in the woods hunting with my Parker Crossbow or my 50 cal. in-line muzzle loader. Some of our hunts were in the rain, snow, sleet, wind and cold. A few  of our hunts were in beautiful Indian Summer Days. In all that time I never had a really good chance to shoot at a buck…until October 20 of this year.