The Eagle has Landed

Ruby Eagle kitty1Last year, on the day after Christmas, my Dad took Vayda and I to the pet shop to pick up our new Kitty. As we drove down the road past “Greenhouse Park” my Dad yelled, “Look at that Eagle!” The Big Bird was sitting right along side the roadway and then flew up into a nearby tree. Dad pulled his truck off the road and tried to get a few pictures with his cell phone.

Then we thought, we have to call my Grandfather, he’ll bring his camera with a telephoto lens. I called him and was really excited to tell him about the Eagle. We had to leave for the pet shop, but when we came back the Eagle was gone. My Grandfather was waiting for us in the parking lot of Greenhouse Park. He thought the bird would be near the Stoneycreek River, but he didn’t see the Eagle. Then my dad said, ”Get in the truck and we’ll drive up and down the road to see if we can find the Eagle.”

Well, as we drove towards St. Andrew’s Church and School (Their Sports Teams are called the “EAGLES”) we saw the big black and white bird perched in a Sycamore Tree.

It was really cool to see our Nations most famous Bird, The Bald Eagle. When I went back to school I told some of my friends that we saw a beautiful Eagle near my house. Some of them couldn’t believe we saw an Eagle there. Some people told us we probably just saw a buzzard, not a Eagle. Then the Johnstown Tribune Newspaper published one of the photos that my Grandfather took. Then every one knew it really was an Eagle.