My School Board Presentation about Riton

Last Tuesday was a Big Day for me. I played a soccer game at our Home Field and after that I was scheduled to give a short presentation to our School Board about my Riton Pro Staff Position.

My Principal and Vice Principal both warned me a week ago that the Board was going to invite me to attend. So, I had time to make up a dozen Riton Information packets. Inside were a few of my newspaper clippings, a Riton Scope Brochure, my Resume’ and my ROR Business card. I glued a Riton Logo on the Front of the folder.

I wanted to make a good impression with the Board, but my soccer game ended in a 2 all tie, just as the meeting was about to start.

I didn’t have any time to go home, take a shower and get ready. So, I just rushed over to the Administration Building in my soccer jersey and old jeans to meet my Mom.

My Mom brought the Red Riton Information packets to hand out to the Board members. I was a bit nervous about talking to the group at first. But, my principal, Mr. Foster, was there and he gave me a nice introduction and then turned it over to me to begin my Riton Pro Staff Presentation.

I gave a brief overview of my hunting and fishing experiences and how I made my first video about tying flies. I explained how got started with my ROR website and about my Video application for my Riton Pro Staff Position. They asked me questions on how I did the Riton test video and what kind of hunting I like best.

I also talked about our school’s TSA program and how our team produced several award winning videos. The Board members all said they would look at my Riton Reviews on my ROR website, so I was really happy about that.

My sister, Vayda, and I really like that our school is known as the Conemaugh Township Indians and this statue is at the entrance to our Gym. “Go Tribe!” And, I want to thank the Board for inviting me!

My Buck Story On Parker Website

Archery Deer Season is just around the corner and I’ve been practicing with my Parker Challenger Cross-Bow. I got my first ever buck with my Parker bow back in 2015. Recently my story was published on the Parker website, along with this photo.

Here’s another photo of my first buck, with my Mom and sister, Vayda, right under my tree-stand. The Parker website only used one photo. Take a look at my story; it was an unforgettable event in my Deer Hunting Life.

Click on the Parker website link below to see my story.