Allegheny X-fest Event


Ruby was invited to participate in the Allegheny Adventure Xfest in Johnstown last fall. This event attracts all types of outdoor enthusiasts, including, mountain bikers, hikers, canoe and kayak clubs, anglers, snow skiers and more. It also draws in those interested in checking out the new gear for all of these activities. There were about 30 exhibitors and vendors at the event. Ruby was doing a fly-tying demonstration there and she had a booth setup with her fly-tying gear. The event got quite a bit of publicity on TV and in the newspapers. See Ruby on the front page of the “Tribune” and her “Video Interviews” below.


Ruby Films Fast Flying Pheasants

DSC_0580Last Fall I went on my first ever Bird Hunt with my Granddad. We met our guides and they had really good bird dogs, a Brittany Spaniel and a Yellow Lab. I wasn’t going to actually hunt, because I’m in the PA Mentor Hunter Program and you can’t walk around and carry a shotgun. But, I was the Producer and Director of the video show. Making a Hunting Show and getting video of all the action, the Dogs, Birds and Hunters, is harder to do than I thought. And you’ll see all that in my video segment, see below.