Hunter Hunts For Trout

My friend and classmate, Hunter Hartnett, really likes to go fishing with her Dad, Pat. On the First Day of Trout Season she was fishing by the Shaffer Bridge on Bens Creek. The Tribune Democrat Photographer took her picture as she was casting out her line. That photo was on the Front Page of the Sunday newspaper. I was really happy she got published and that she was wearing one of my ROR Camo Hats. It’s hard to see my logo cap on this picture.


A few weeks later Hunter went fishing with her Dad in the Stonycreek near Hollsopple. She caught a few really nice Trout. (See the Collage below) Hunter was wearing my ROR camo hat again and Pat took these nice photos of her. I think my ROR hat is bringing her good luck. It’s been a fun Fishing Season for my friends and I so far this year. In April, my cousin Danny caught about 30 Trout in Bens Creek on the Youth Day.

Joe Phone 5-17-16

Danny was fishing with his Dad, Mike Fesko. Danny caught a lot of fish even though it was cold, snowing and very windy. On that same day I went to the Fly Tying event at Gander Mountain, where it was warm inside. But, I caught no fish! My sister, Vayda, went to Ferndale Sportsman’s Dam last week and caught a Brook Trout on a millworm. She also caught about a dozen Sunfish, so Vayda is a happy angler. We can’t wait till Bass Season starts. I’ll try the poppers I tied last winter. I have my Fly Rod ready to go!