Center of the Nation Mule Deer

For the Best Family Friendly Mule Deer and Antelope hunting, go to the Howell’s “Center of the Nation” ranch in N.E. Wyoming.

Last week, I flew West for my first ever Big Game Adventure. Along the drive from the Rapid City SD Airport we stopped to see Mount Rushmore.

At this time of year there were no crowds, no lines and the weather was spectacular.

Our guides, Guy and Shanna Howell welcomed us to their ranch and immediately made us feel right at home. The drive to their ranch was breathtaking.

These two weathered dead pine trees framed the front yard view near the Howell’s Main Gate.

This is the wide territory that the Mule Deer and Antelope live in. Guy tells all his hunters to practice shooting at 200 yards or more. Get comfortable at that distance; getting closer is not easy to do.


On day two of my hunt, my Guide, Guy and I were able to sneak within 200 yards of this Big Buck. Guy used his rangefinder as we set up for the shot. In the meantime the deer moved a bit closer to us.


My Riton Scope was on 9 power, my 7mm08 barked and my Mule Deer dropped right on the spot. I was so thrilled. My first Mule Deer was an awesome animal.


Guy said it was about 300 pounds live weight. I used Hornady Custom Lite ammo, with a 120 grain bullet. It’s a low recoil load. I weigh about 95 pounds and these bullets help me shoot my 7mm08 Weatherby Camilla accurately without flinching. 

My grandpa was along for photos and video production. Guy took this photo of us and you can see how massive this buck’s neck was. I could hardly hold his head in position for photos. The bullet did not exit. The hollow point fully expanded inside the buck, for an instant kill. Guy estimates that the buck was about 160 yards away.

I took this photo just before we spotted my Mule Deer Buck. What a pretty sunrise over a vast terrain. The ranch has 1,000’s of acres where many Deer and Antelope roam. I saw several really big Mule Deer bucks during this hunt. They all seemed to quickly slip away before we could get into my 250 yard comfort zone.

I was just so impressed with this hunt. My Guide “Guy Howell” and his wife, Shanna were perfect Hosts. I’ll Never forget this Hunt!  I’ll have lots more to say and show you about this Wild Wyoming Adventure, so stay tuned for an up-coming video of my Deer and Antelope Hunt at: