My Riton WJAC-TV Interview

Recently, I’ve had several ROR followers ask me, “Where is your Riton TV interview?” Well, it was a bit difficult to locate from my website so, here it is again and the rest of the story.

When the reporter from WJAC-TV, the local NBC Station, contacted me about doing an interview, I was really thrilled. The news-person, Rachel Prichard, called my Mom and they made a time for us all to meet. When Ms. Prichard pulled into our driveway, with her WJAC-TV car, the neighborhood kids became very curious as to what was going on. I was waiting outside to meet her.

I was nervous about talking to her, but Ms. Prichard was so nice and interested in my story that she put me at ease. She told me about how she wanted to go to College to get into television as a TV meteorologist. She looked at my Mom and Aunt Jenny ‘s magazine covers on our den wall and said it was cool I was following their outdoor path.

Ms. Prichard showed me her camera and gave me a few video production hints and I really appreciated that. I explained about my Riton Pro Staff position and why I like this 3×12 Riton Scope so much. She was very encouraging and told me to keep doing what I enjoy most and someday you’ll find that perfect Outdoor Media job.

When the interview was over, we walked out to her car to say good-bye. Then I thought of a few more things I wanted to say, but, too late. I’ll have to wait for my next TV interview to make those comments.       (See link to WJAC-TV  interview below)


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