Vayda’s Crossbow Doe

My sister, Vayda, is 9 years old and she just got her special Youth Hunting License a few days ago. Because I had a soccer game after school, Vayda got to go deer hunting with our Mentor, our Grandfather. We call him, “Pups”.

They were in our tent blind that she and Pups set up a few weeks ago. It’s at the end of our field by the creek and some crab apple trees.

They also put a trail camera on a nearby tree and they got some nice shots of deer at this spot.


After getting their packs, cameras, tripods, chairs and crossbow all set up in the blind, Vayda settled down to look for deer. She loved using my Riton 10×40 binoculars. She was amazed at how much better she could see everything with the Riton Optics.

After scanning the woods with her binoculars for about 15 minutes, Vayda spotted 3 deer coming through the thick marsh along the creek. She was so excited; then Pups loaded an arrow on her bow.

Vayda stood up and aimed the crossbow through the front window. A moment later the big doe stepped out into our field. She asked “Pups” should I shoot? He answered, “Yes, now!”

They heard the arrow hit its mark They had to track the deer right past our trail camera. The doe ran up stream and crossed the creek a few times.


It’s really a thick tangle of vines, brush and briars, plus a wet swampy area. As darkness fell, they found a good blood trail. When Pups found the deer, Vayda was on the other side of the creek . He waded across to get her. Vayda jumped on his back and he waded across the stream to get her to see her big doe. The two hunters were both wet and covered with swamp mud when the pictures were taken.

Pups also got the whole event on video, so stay in touch and you’ll see Vayda’s hunt in my next “Riton Review” video.   Vayda was thrilled with her very first deer, on her very first hunt of her life.   Vayda said she wants a Big Buck next time! Good Job Vayda! 

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