Our Nebraska 4-H Video is Almost Done

Our Nebraska 4-H Gold Adventure was an exciting event for Elissa, Haley, Nicole, me and our families.

After we returned home we Four submitted our short essays on the experience and that made me think about writing a bigger story about this journey.

I wanted to explain how we got to compete in the National Shooting Sports Competition. We shot about 1200 photos and about an hour of video. All of this could all be used in a TV-like program, but to explain it all I needed to tell the full story by writing it all down.

Writing a script is hard to do, but once I got started it just all came out, well, maybe too much came out. Then, I did have to ask for some help with writing and editing it. My Grandfather and I had a few conflicts as to what to write, in what order, and how long it should be.

We were in Grand Island a week, and we practiced for this competition since April. In addition, I added the events of our Jerome Jr. Rifle Club’s activities since January. It’s really hard to condense about 7 months into a 20+ minute video. With the script finally done, I sat down to be video taped in our “Video Production Studio”.

I became the Host and narrator for the project. My Pups and I did have have a few arguments concerning my on-camera narrations and delivery, plus re-writes. Now, he turns off the camera so there is no proof that he yells at me during our productions.

I try to get every segment done without a goof-up, this makes editing easier for John Concannon, his Video Production partner. But, stuff happens. These two guys have been doing this kind of video work for a long time, like almost 50 years. They said they could do it, no problem. Well, maybe a few problems.

The next step will be going to the Concannon Video Editing & Production Office to piece this all together. Look out John, Remember my Wyoming Mule Deer and Antelope Video? My latest Video may be more difficult?

This video may be more of a headache for you and will make my Mule Deer Hunt production seem easy.

My On-Camera and Narration are in the can. Hope to be done editing this week! Going for Nebraska 4-H Gold” coming soon to a Flat Screen near you.


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