Riton 6-24×50 IR Scope joins Smith & Wesson

We recently had a few coyotes and red foxes appear on our trail cameras so now is a great time to plan a late season predator hunt. 

This red fox ran by my trail camera at 8:30 am.

Then I got 2 photos of this coyote near the same spot at night.

This camera shoots color in daylight but only B&W photos at night. Too bad this coyote wasn’t centered in the camera better.

To start off our “Winter Night Time Hunts”, I mounted my RT-S Mod-5 Gen-2 scope on our new Smith & Wesson AR-15.

We mounted the scope with Riton medium high 30mm rings, but it was too low to operate the charging bar easily. So, we bought two extra pic spacers to get the scope higher above the pic rail. That solved the problem.

At 100 yards we got a few 4 shot groups from 1 inch to 1 ½ inches with factory cal. 223 ammo. I think that’s pretty good for an AR rifle.

I carried the rifle around our property just to get used to holding it. It’s really a different feel when aiming this AR compared with my bolt-action type rifles.

This special scope has a very fine cross hair grid for windage and elevation indicators. The very center of the cross hair can be illuminated with a red light by turning the battery turret on. This feature will be a big help in getting on target during a night-time predator hunt.

The scope has the Push/Pull Locking Zero Reset Turrets and it’s made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Plus, it’s 100% Waterproof, Fog proof and Shockproof. The ¼” MOA Fingertip Windage and Elevation turrets are great for getting back to zero when your changing bullet weights or shooting at extreme long range.

OK coyotes and foxes, “Look out, I’m ready to hunt!”

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