Youth Spring Gobbler 2016

I’ve been checking out all our Turkey hunting spots during the past few weeks to get ready for the special Youth Day for Spring Gobbler on Saturday April 23. We found a good spot near some grape vines where we could set up our decoys and also see a clear view all around us.


I really wanted to get a Gobbler with my new 20 Gauge Mossberg 505 Shotgun. I took my first practice shot with it last week and I’m pretty sure I can get a turkey if we call one in. We had a really exciting morning hunt because we heard about 5 different big birds that were gobbling over and over and saw two long beards and a couple of hens, too. Check out our video below!

My cousin, Jared Csordas, lives in Maryland and on April 26, 2016, he shot this nice Gobbler. He used a slate call and the Gobbler weighed 20 pounds and had a 9.5 inch beard.

Jared Gobbler 16

Jared was really excited about his hunt and I will be too, when I get my gobbler. Jared used a 12 gauge Mossberg 535 to shoot the bird at about 30 yards. Good shooting Jared!