The Eagle Flew – Part Two

A few of my readers at “RORUSA” have told us that they have seen Eagles recently soaring  around Johnstown. When I was at the Trout Unlimited Fly Tying event, a guy told us while deer hunting he saw an Eagle. The bird was eating the entrails of a buck his friend shot. He said the Eagle ate so much that it could hardly fly.

Another friend saw an Eagle flying above the Conemaugh River in the West End of town going towards the Conemaugh Gap. Others have seen the Big Birds around the Stoneycreek. At Hawk Mountain in Eastern PA, they have a club that watches and counts all kinds of Hawks and Eagles. Their website says 6 Bald Eagles have been seen there recently. There are Eagles at Raystown Lake, too.

Ruby Eagle kitty2

Lots of people still think we did not seeing an Eagle. Some say we are seeing Buzzards, Osprey or Hawks. Of all the hawks and buzzards, the Bald Eagle is the easiest of the big birds to identify, especially with its big White Head.

Some people wanted to know what happened to the eagle that we saw that day, ( see my Eagle Has Landed! Story).

We will always remember that day we saw the Eagle because we got our pet cat, Leo that day. My Dad was taking us to the pet store to pick up our kitten when he saw the Eagle near Greenhouse Park. We watched it sitting on a limb of a Sycamore Tree. Then it flew downstream. Vayda and I ran along the road to watch it.

It glided downstream and landed in a different tree. Well, as we were running, Vayda fell. When we got near the Eagle, Vayda was still crying. We tried to get a picture of the bird across the valley and us at the same time. Look really close, (in the Yellow Circle) and behind us you can see the Eagle across the river. My grandfather used his big telephoto lens to make it bigger in the other photos.

When the Eagle flew out of this tree it glided right over our Church. St. Andrews Church and School are near the Benscreek and Stoneycreek River. I went to school there from pre-school to Third Grade. Also, we thought it was really cool that the name of the Sport Teams at our church is the “EAGLES!” That’s our carved Eagle in front of the school.

A few of my friends didn’t believe we saw an Eagle until the B&W photo that my Grandfather took was published in the Tribune Democrat. So, Eagles do fly along our rivers and creeks to feed on fish. Eagles are around here you just have to keep looking for them.

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