Talking Turkey at Stackhouse Park

I’ve been shooting Turkeys for a while now, not with a gun. I have had really good luck using my 35mm camera and have seen two and three nice big gobblers at a timDSC_0244-001e. I’ve taken photos of turkeys in the snow and in early Spring, before hunting season starts. But, I have not had a chance to shoot a long beard  with my H&R 20 Gauge shotgun. I tried to video my First Day of the 2015 Spring Gobbler season, but the Turkeys didn’t cooperate. This was our set-up on our sunrise hunt. You can see the decoys that I set out in this photo. We use one hen and two gobbler decoys. I use my wooden box call the most, it’s easy to use compared to a mouth call or a slate type call. All this hunting takes practice and patience.


There is a lot to know about hunting the Spring Turkey in the steep hills of Pennsylvania. A good place to learn all you need to be a successful Turkey Hunter is to go to a special seminar held at Johnstown’s Stackhouse Park.

This video was made with funding by the NRA, The National Wild Turkey Federation and Trout Unlimited.

This is just about 7 minutes of the 20 minute long program. The entire video won the “Best TV Show of the Year” from the PA Outdoor Writer’s Association. This video was made by my Grand father and his business partner, John Concannon.

Please click the link below to see a segment of the program.


Most people don’t realize how big an adult male Turkey can get. My grand father shot this gobbler 2 years ago and it weighed 22 pounds and had a 9 inch beard. I couldn’t carry it out of the woods because it was too heavy for me. It’s  not easy to call one into shooting range, but it’s real exciting to see them in the wild.

Now I’ll have to wait till the Fall Turkey Season to try to get my first ever Wild Turkey!