My TWP Rifle Season Starts

The Conemaugh Township Indians Rifle Team is off to a great start this year. We won our first 3-Position .22 Caliber small-bore competition at the Somerset County Sportsmen’s Range.  Check out  the Posters and the info below.

The Conemaugh Indians Rifle Team WINS First Match! They got off to a good start last night in Somerset. The Indians soared over the Eagles, 1289 to 1186 . Ruby Korenoski was the “Top Shot” and ranked No. 1. with a score of #275. Kassie Wiley was in Second Place and shot a 254, Lydia Boring took Third Place with a 254. In Fourth Place, Gabi Klingenberg shot a 253 and in Fifth Place, Sierra LaPorta also shot a 253. Only the “Top Five” scores on each team are counted for the match totals. Most teams have Ten Varsity shooters and about ten J.V. Riflemen.

Our Conemaugh Indians Win Again! It was a full house for our second rifle match, as the Portage Mustangs galloped into our Jerome Range. The Indians corralled the Mustangs, 1327 to 1306. Ruby was in the “Top Five” Varsity Shooters on her team once again. Miss hawk-eye shot her Personal Best (PB) with a #288. As scores were being tabulated a few coaches told us that Ruby was nearing a School Record? That made for some drama and anticipation. The TWP Rifle Record is #291. My Uncle Ace was in attendance, so he says he’s taking credit for Ruby’s sharp shooting skills. People asked about the “Top Five”, that’s the 5 best scores from each team, added together is the Total Score for each team. Ten shots each in Standing, Kneeling, and Prone Positions. Most Teams have Ten Varsity and about a dozen JV riflemen on their teams. Vicki Berloffe was taking the “Real Team Photos” for the fancy collages that she does. So the Range was a busy place. Nice Win Team, Go Indians!

Last evening the Conemaugh Indians had a hot shoot-out on a cold night against the Rockwood Rockets. The Tribe defeated the Space Age Invaders by a score of: 1,325 to 1,083. Four of our “Top Five” marksmen are familiar to the high score scene, but on this night a new gun came onto the Firing Line, by the name of, Noah Lehman. Ruby Korenoski came in First Place @282, Sierra LaPorta was in Second Place @266, Gabi Klingenberg in Third Place @261, Noah Lehman in Fourth Place @260 (Personal Best) and Nathaniel Denault in Fifth Place @ 256 (Personal Best). The Indians are now at 3 Wins and Zero losses for the season. So team, continue your sharp shooting scores, keep your powder dry, don’t be a flash in the pan and you may take the whole season, “lock, stock and barrel”. That’s a little muzzle loader lingo laid on for Good Luck!

The Township Indian Rifle Team posted its 4th WIN in a Row last night (Dec.17, 21) at the Jerome Sportsmen’s Range. A few new riflemen stepped up to help defeat the team from Salisbury Elk-Lick High School by a score of 1,298 to 815. Our “Top Five” for the Indians were as follows: Sierra LaPorta was our “Top Shot” with a solid #277 score. Noah Lehman jumped up to number 2. with a #267, his Personal Best (PB). Gabi Klingenberg came in at number 3. with a #264 and Nathaniel Denault shot a #256 to land in 4th place. First time Varsity shooter, Ian Tomlinson, shot a #234 (PB) for a 5th place finish. There were a number of new spectators at the event and the spotting scopes, available for parents, grandparents, friends and relatives, were in constant use. Some of the team members are very aware that the spectators are following their every shot, while the Time Clock is running down. All that can add to the pressure of the competition. Good Luck Next week! Go Tribe!

It’s good to back on the Range shooting against another team, for real. Last Season we shot only at our Home Ranges and never traveled to other school’s ranges because of Covid Mandates. Having a bunch of spectators watching us shoot adds a bit of pressure on all of us, but it is exciting, too.

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