My Rifle Team Editorial

I was recently asked to write an Editorial for my High School newsletter while in Class. I decided this would be a great opportunity to bring attention to my favorite sport, “3-Position Competitive Rifle”.  I’m on two Rifle Teams, the  Conemaugh Township Indians and the Jerome Jr. Rifle Team and we shoot both 22 cal. LR Small-bore and 177 cal Air Rifle. My Editorial follows;

“Rifle, an Underrated Sport” by: Ruby Korenoski   Oct. 9, 2020

   The winter sports season is just around the corner. Basketball players are warming up, wrestlers are taking to the mat, and cheerleaders are stunting on the hardwood.

    In the background; the Conemaugh Township Indian’s Rifle Team members are wheeling in their gear bags, cleaning off their safety glasses, adjusting their sights and preparing for their matches.

   We all love to pile into the gymnasium and watch Township’s amazing athletes participate in their favorite winter sports. They are even highly publicized, and rightfully so. However, more often than not, when students hear about rifle they say, “Wow, our school has a rifle team?”

   This is my third year of being a member of the Indian’s Small-bore Rifle Team. Ever since I laid down in the prone position, and shot a “perfect ten” for the first time, I’ve had an un-explainable love for this 3-position, Olympic Style sport.

   It is a mental game. A teammate once told me, “A certain thought can ruin a certain shot.” Which is true. A shooter’s head-space must be calm, determined, and decisive. A common misconception, due to the lack of knowledge students have about this sport, is that it requires no skill or it is not a real sport.

   However, rifle has taught me to be extremely disciplined, due to the uncompromising regulations enforced to keep the range a safe environment for everyone. My rifle competitions have taught me to never give up, a bad shot does not mean a bad target.

   Most importantly the sport has given me some of the best friendships I have ever had. Each shooter is in their own world as they take to the line and make their mark on their three position targets. Throughout my practices and in our competitions, I have learned to respect my teammates because; in rifle everyone’s scores come together to defeat the other team.

   This sport is extremely demanding and yet, underrated. Rifle is not about rivalries, and being better than your teammates, it’s about coming together and lifting each other up for the common good of the team.

   I believe that the accomplishments our team members have made throughout the years are unmatched. I love to spread awareness for the amazing team we are lucky enough to have. Our Jerome Indoor Range is wonderful and our dedicated coaching staff and volunteers are the best. This sport has brought students of Conemaugh Township countless opportunities, as those who have received full College Rifle Scholarships can attest.

   I believe small-bore rifle does not get the recognition it deserves and I hope this article helps to spread the word. I encourage you to talk to a member of our team and if competition shooting seems to spark your interest, go for it.

   If you join our team you will experience growth, accomplishment, leadership, and memories to last long after leaving the range.