Center of the Nation Mule Deer & Antelope Video

Producing a Hunting Video Program is a big effort and we’ve been working on the editing process for my “Wyoming Adventure” since November. Guy and Shanna Howell were my guides and I can’t explain how much fun this hunt for Mule Deer and Antelope was. You’ll just have to view the my video.

My Antelope was almost 200 yards away when I finally got into position for the shot. The nice Buck dropped “on the spot” with one shot from my Weatherby Camilla, 7mm08 and my Riton 3-9×40 scope. All that summer shooting at my Antelope target paid off.

Shooting at a round bulls eye just isn’t the same as aiming at a live animal. This is my 5 shot group on the drawing. Now,  I was ready to go West for the real thing. Check out my video below, and I couldn’t have done any of it without the patience of my Grand Father and all the hard work John Concannon  did at his editing studio.