My Mini Riton Video

My Riton Optics Manager, Tony Tarantino, asked all the Riton Pro Staff members to make a short video about how we got involved in the Shooting Sports.

I got started early with shooting and hunting by going on Spring Gobbler Hunts with my Grandpa when I was 8 years old. Please check out my Riton Mini-Video by clicking on Link below.

Thanks for watching this edition of  “Ruby’s Riton Review”.

Akron University Zippy Open

Our Jerome Rifle Team had a competition in Ohio last weekend. It was held at Akron University and the match is known as the “Annual Zippy Open”.

I’ve only practiced with this air rifle twice before this event, so that made me a bit nervous. I’ve been shooting my Feinwerkbau 2800 a few weeks now. It’s the 22 Caliber and I’m very comfortable shooting my FWB.

The Akron Zips had their Rifle Team members shooting with us during the match. They are extremely good shots. That put more pressure on us High School kids.

The ZIP’s mascot is a Kangaroo? Why, I don’t know? Our Team; Abby, Nicole, Elissa and I were registered to shoot both the small bore “22” caliber and the Air rifle “177” caliber. The Akron Rifle Coach gave us an overview of how the competition is conducted. He also explained the computerize target scoring system. Parents, coaches, and other onlookers could sit in any classroom or hallway that had a flat screen TV.

They could see each shot as it’s fired, where it hit and the shot value. Then it shows a running total score. It was a little intimidating at first, but I liked it. I want a computer target system like this for our Indoor Range. We got a few photos of each of us, shooting at the perfect moment that we shot Tens.

Nicole and I were going a bit slow during the Standing Position.

I liked seeing my shots on the Computer Screen. This is better than looking through the spotting scopes.

Abby and Nicole in the Air Rifle Competition Range. It’s the Zippy Open! There were other Team shooters from York and Harrisburg, PA. and Virginia, Michigan and Ohio.

After we were done shooting, Elissa, Nicole and I were waiting for the Akron University Campus Tour.

The Akron College Shooters are on scholarships and two of them took us on a tour of the University Campus after our shooting was complete. The AU Campus and buildings were impressive. It was a very interesting tour.

Walking all around the big Campus was good exercise after our long shooting match. We then went to have lunch at “Chick-fil-A” located inside the Student Union Building.

We all were happy that we entered this College Competition and it was good to be in a new and hi-tech facility. This helped us adapt to a totally different range, rules and level of competition. I can’t wait to go back next year.