Trout Unlimited at Gander Mountain

Ruby Gander Mt Fly Pizza

Most people don’t think about Fly Fishing when it’s 3 Degrees Below Zero…But, on February 13, 2016, I was invited to Gander Mountain where the Trout Unlimited Club “TU” was having a Fly Tying Pizza Party. It was really cold running across the parking lot, but the Gander Mountain Meeting Room was nice and warm. And, I knew hot Pizza was coming.

This event was the ending of the TU classes on how to tie a variety of good fishing flies for PA Streams. A lot of people signed up for the 8 week classes. At this party anyone else could learn how to start to tie a fly. Next year I want to take the whole class.

The TU Guys I interviewed on video at the Allegheny X-Fest last fall invited me to this event. They are Andy Fresch and Dave Wright. At Gander Mountain they showed me how to tie a Caddis, and do a whip finish knot. I have to practice the whip finish tool. They also tied a Foam Popper, a Hair Popper, a Foam Frog and a Hellgrammite. The Crawfish was the best.

Everyone was welcome to this fly tying demonstration for free, even kids. There were signs on the Bulletin Board at Gander Mountain for a few weeks. It’s nice that the TU members do this to help get kids and adults get more interested in fishing.

Now it’s a good time to tie flies when it’s snowing and cold outside. Then you can think about spring coming when you can be out in the warm weather fishing. With some luck you will catch a nice trout with the flies you made yourself last winter.